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Casino Del Sol $1,000,000 Kick-off Pick-off challenge!

Sep 09, 2013 -- 2:11pm

Starting September 8, its Casino Del Sol’s $1,000,000 Kickoff Pickoff football contest and Jody Oehler offers up his picks for the week, right here.

If you pick at least 210 of 239 total NFL® regular season games correctly, you’ll win your share of $1,000,000!

You can also win your share of $2500 in freeplay every week just by picking the correct NFL® winners each week.

There will be $6,000 in performance bonuses throughout the regular season and if you pick the most winning teams throughout the season you will win the grand prize of $5000 in freeplay.

Entry is free for all Club Sol members. Pick up your game card at any Club Sol booth or in the poker room and start making your picks on Sunday, September 1 for the games held on September 8.


SWIPE your Club Sol card once a day at the game kiosk to enter the game.
PICK the teams you think will win on Sunday along with the total score of the Monday night game.
WIN every week. A receipt is issued which shows your picks, the previous week’s results and up-to-date standings.

Jody's picks for the week #9:
Kansas City over Buffalo
Dallas over Minnesota
Tennessee over St. Louis
New Orleans over New York (A)
Washington over San Diego
Carolina over Atlanta
Philadelphia over Oakland
Seattle over Tampa Bay
Baltimore over Cleveland
New England over Pittsburgh
Indianapolis over Houston

Monday Night Football
Green Bay over Chicago

Total points: (49)

Jody's picks for the week #8: (9-3)
San Francisco over Jacksonville  W
Detroit over Dallas W
Kansas City over Cleveland W
New England over Miami W
New Orleans over Buffalo W
Philadelphia over New York (N)  L
Cincinnati over New York (A)  W
Pittsburgh over Oakland L
Denver over Washington W
Atlanta over Arizona   L
Green Bay over Minnesota W

Monday Night Football
Seattle over St. Louis W

Total points: (48)

Jody's picks for the week #7: (9-5)
Atlanta over Tampa Bay (W)
Detroit over Cincinnati (L)
Miami over Buffalo (L)
New York (A) over New England (W)
Philadelphia over Dallas (L)
Chicago over Washington (L)
Carolina over St. Louis (W)
San Diego over Jacksonville (W)
Green Bay over Cleveland (W)
Kansas City over Houston (W)
Pittsburgh over Baltimore (W)
Denver over Indianapolis (L)
San Francisco over Tennesee (W)

Monday Night Football
New York (N) over Minnesota 39 (W)

Total points: 39

Jody's picks for the week #6: (10-4)
Cincinnati over Buffalo (W)
Detroit over Cleveland (W)
Kansas City over Oakland (W)
Minnesota over Carolina (L)
Pittsburgh over New York (A) (W)
Philadelphia over Tampa Bay (W)
Baltimore over Green Bay (L)
Houston over St. Louis (L)
Denver over Jacksonville (W)
Seattle over Tennessee (W)
New England over New Orleans (W)
San Francisco over Arizona (W)
Dallas over Washington  (W)

Monday Night Football
Indianapolis over San Diego (L)

Total points: 42

Jody's picks for the week #5: (7-6)

Chicago over New Orleans (L)
Cincinnati over New England (W)
Green Bay over Detroit (W)
Kansas City over Tennessee (W)
Indianapolis over Seattle (W)
St. Louis over Jacksonville (W)
Miami over Baltimore  (L)
New York (N) over Philadelphia (L)
Carolina over Arizona (L)
Denver over Dallas (W)
San Francisco over Houston (W)
San Diego over Oakland  (L)

Monday Night Football
Atlanta over New York (A) (L)

Total points: 39

Jody's picks for the week #4: (7-7)

Baltimore over Buffalo L
Cincinnati over Cleveland L
Detroit over Chicago W
Kansas City over New York (N) W
Tampa Bay over Arizona L
Indianapolis over Jacksonville W
Houston over Seattle L
Pittsburgh over Minnesota L
Tennessee over New York (A) W
Oakland over Washington L
Denver over Philadelphia W
San Diego over Dallas W
Atlanta over New England L

Monday Night Football
New Orleans over Miami W

Point Total: 45

Jody's picks for the week #3: (8-7)

Green Bay over Cincinnati L
Dallas over St. Louis W
Tennessee over San Diego W
Minnesota over Cleveland L
New England over Tampa Bay W
New Orleans over Arizona W
Washington over Detroit L
New York (N) over Carolina L
Baltimore over Houston W
San Francisco over Indianapolis L
Atlanta over Miami L
Buffalo over New York (A) L
Seattle over Jacksonville W
Chicago over Pittsburgh W

Monday Night Football
Denver over Oakland W
Point Total: 48

Jody's picks for the week #2: (10-4)

Atlanta over St. Louis - Win
Carolina over Buffalo - Loss
Chicago over Minnesota - Win
Green Bay over Washington - Win
Indianapolis over Miami - Loss
Kansas City over Dallas - Win
Baltimore over Cleveland - Win
Houston over Tennessee - Win
Philadelphia over San Diego - Loss
Detroit over Arizona - Loss
New Orleans over Tampa Bay - Win
Oakland over Jacksonville - Win
Denver over New York (N) - Win
San Francisco over Seattle - Loss
Monday Night Football
Cincinnati over Pittsburgh - Win
Point Total: 42

Jody's picks for the week #1: (9-3)

New England over Buffalo - Win
Chicago over Cincinnati - Win
Cleveland over Miami - Loss
Atlanta over New Orleans  - Loss
Tampa Bay over New York (A) - Loss
Pittsburgh over Tennessee  - Loss
Detroit over Minnesota - Win
Indianapolis over Oakland - Win
Seattle over Carolina  - Win
Kansas City over Jacksonville-  Win
St. Louis over Arizona  - Win
Dallas over New York (N) - Win
Monday Night Football
Washington over Philadelphia - Loss
Houston over San Diego - Win
Total Points: 43

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